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Still Point

Still Point

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Still Point Art Print

Silence speaks volumes: Owl's wisdom soars through snowy skies.

Introducing "Still Point," a breathtaking art print that captures the ethereal beauty of an owl in flight amidst gently falling snow. 

This mesmerising piece showcases the owl's silent grace as it glides through the air, its keen eyes fixed on potential prey below. 

The contrast between the owl's fluid motion and its unwavering focus embodies the perfect balance of movement and stillness.

Owls have long been revered across cultures for their wisdom, intuition, and ability to see beyond the veil. This nocturnal hunter symbolises patience, keen observation, and the power of silence. 

"Still Point" invites you to embrace these qualities in your own life, encouraging mindfulness and the art of being present.

The owl's remarkable adaptations - from its silent flight to its extraordinary night vision - serve as a reminder of nature's ingenuity and the importance of honing our own unique skills. 

By bringing this captivating image into your space, you invite the owl's energy of quiet strength, sharp perception, and transformative wisdom.

Let "Still Point" inspire you to find moments of calm amidst life's chaos and to trust in your ability to navigate through challenges with grace and precision.



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About me

I hope to bring the majesty of the animal kingdom and the beauty of birdlife into your home with stunning physical artwork. 

As an artist dedicated to environmentalism, I strive to share my love for the natural world and all its wonders.

Originals works and prints are available for sale through the website where I can also be contacted should you wish to commission a unique piece

My Process

I craft digital art using iPad and Apple Pencil, blending photography, layering techniques, and digital painting.

These digital pieces predominantly feature animals and birds.